Poverty entails more than the lack of income and productive resources to ensure sustainable livelihoods. Its manifestations include hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and basic services, social discrimination and exclusion as well as the lack of participation in decision-making.


Poland - FIAT and the Salesians open a new Workshop

(Krakow, Poland) – A new TechPro² was opened at Salesian Vocational Training School in Oświęcim on November 17, 2009. It is a colloborative endeavor of Fiat Auto Poland and the Salesian Province of Krakow and will offer specialized training in automobile technology.

Guests at the ceremony included: the Salesian Provincial of Krakow Fr. Marek Chrzan; representatives of Fiat Auto Poland from Tychy: the Director General, Zdzisław Arlet; the Administrative Director, Czesław Świstak; and the head of customer services, Mr. Andrzej Jastrzębski. The director of the National Center for Salesian Works-Formation Professional Updating (CNOS-FAP) from Italy, Fr. Gennaro Comite; the President of Don Bosco International, Fr. Meinolf von Spee; the representative of the Education Department, Dr. Halina Cimer; the Mayor of Oświęcim, Janusz Marszałek; the Deputy Prefect, Józef Krawczyk as well as the Presidents and Directors of the firms with which the School in Oświęcim has been collaborating for a number of years: REMAG S.A., CHEMOROZRUCH, OMAG, HASO, ENCO, U SALEZJAN, FASING S.A., were also present at the dedication of the workshop.

After being welcomed by the Rector of the Salesian house of Oświęcim, Fr Adam Paszek, those present assisted at a stage performance of “The Pautasso Shoemaker”, and pieces from the “Joy” music group and the school orchestra under the direction of Fr Zenon Latawiec.

The new TechPro² workshop was blessed by the Provincial, Fr. Chrzan. The building, as in other parts of Europe, was equipped by FIAT, with the latest machines and teaching material for practical exercises in auto repair. There is also provision in the collaboration for staff training and for practical training by the students in the FIAT network in Poland.

For the Salesians in Poland of the opening of the TechPro² Project was a significant coincidence within the context of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Salesian Society.

Collaboration between the Salesians and FIAT will enable the development of a training program which will help the students to acquire professional and social skills, and learn the latest techniques and methods so that they will be ready to enter the world of work as highly qualified technicians.

This form of collaboration between the Salesians and FIAT, begun in 2008, is expanding in Italy, Poland, Spain and Latin America.

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